Choose the Best Streamer – YouTube TV Vs Sling TV

YouTube TV Vs Sling TV

Skinny bundles are now the name of the game and both Sling TV and YouTube TV are party to it. Select a package of channels from their service without the requirement of a lengthy subscription. Pick the apps that you want to watch and save money cutting the cord. While both of the apps seem to be offering a range of services, here are some differences that you can explore with YouTube TV vs Sling.

YouTube TV vs Sling

YouTube TV vs Sling

Sling TV

As one of the oldest internet TV providers, beginning in 2015, the app today has many dedicated users and subscribers. It comes with a selection of cable channels that can be customized, not to mention the many streaming apps that are available on it. Sling TV’s popularity is mainly due to its affordability. The Sling Blue package is available for the users at just $25 per month while the Sling Orange is available at $20 per month. If you want to subscribe to both then you have to pay $5 less at just $40 per month.

The Best Attributes of Sling TV

  • Service hosts ‘A la Carte’ TV and customizable services
  • A variety of extras to choose from, channels that are tailored according to your interests

You could also add popular packages such as ‘Comedy Extra’ for just $5 per month that is inclusive of:

  • TruTV
  • MTV
  • Logo
  • Five more channels for subscribers of Sling Blue

You can also add the ‘Sports Extra’ package that contains to name a few:

  • NBA TV
  • ESPNews
  • If you were to look at the comparison between YouTube TV vs Sling then you will see that Sling has some overlap between the Orange and Blue services so you may have to pay for the channels twice.


  • Sling TV is cheap
  • The Orange package is just $20 per month and a Blue package is at $25 per month.
  • This is certainly better than the $35 to $40 per month charged by other internet service providers

YouTube TV

Curated by Google, YouTube TV is one of the most recently launched internet streaming services that instantly rose to popularity. Those who don’t want a hefty cable bill can certainly look for YouTube TV. You get more than 50 channels at just $40 per month with only a single subscription plan. Watch a range of popular channels such as MLB Network, ESPNews, Fox Sports 1 and 2, and much more.

Best of YouTube TV’s Attributes

  • Cord cutters get some great line up channels besides some great features
  • Activate the service on three devices simultaneously; this is also a point of similarity when you look at YouTube TV vs Sling because Sling’s Blue service offers the same thing. But then it also betters the Sling Orange service.
  • YouTube TV subscribers can further, enjoy opening six varied accounts
  • The subscription also includes DVR services


  • If you were to factually look at a comparison between YouTube TV vs Sling, then you will see that Sling is less expensive because at just $20 per month you can get more than 35 channels.
  • YouTube TV’s DVR service is better than Sling’s. With unlimited DVR, you can store data for up to 9 months. Innumerable shows can be recorded with no restrictions.

DATE: Aug 4, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston
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