What are the Difference Between YouTube TV Vs PlayStation Vue?

To Know the Difference Between YouTube TV Vs PlayStation Vue

YouTube TV Vs PlayStation Vue

YouTube TV Vs PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

Sony has entered the streaming service market with their service, the PlayStation Vue. The service offers a culmination of all the entertainment anyone could wish for like sports, news, a range of movies, TV soaps and serials produced by Sony Entertainment Corporation. PlayStation Vue features some remarkable options for its subscribers like a cloud DVR which also allows recording of live television programs. With the large storage provided by cloud storage, the subscribers can use it to access content saved on the go.

PlayStation Vue also supports simultaneous streaming to multiple devices. It is on the premium pricing list and does not have any annual contracts which may seem like a deal breaker to many. While comparing the other streaming services like Sling TV and Amazon Prime Video, PlayStation Vue has a variety of plan options dubbed Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra.

Each of these plans has a specific pricing and channel set. For instance, the Access plan priced at $39.99 per month only includes the core essential channels like ESPN and Disney. The second plan also dubbed as Core Plan offers only the sporting channels like NFL and ESPN  priced at $34.99. The elite plan includes all genre of television from movies to news channels and is priced at $54.99 per month. The most premium plan of the lineup is the Ultra plan which includes Showtime and HBO networks. It also has additional offerings for people of all ages. It is priced at $74.99 per month and offers the premium content in PlayStation Vue.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a platform released by Google to give an entry into the streaming service market like its rivals Amazon and Netflix. It is a paid subscription-based service which includes the wide range of Live TV content with the already pre-existing galore of YouTube content. All media streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku TV and Apple TV support YouTube TV.

YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage which is one of its greatest selling points. It can be accessed by devices of all shapes and sizes and varied platforms. YouTube TV costs $40 per month with the freedom to the user allowing them to terminate the subscription whenever they choose. It also has a wide array of TV channels like CBS, FOX, and Discovery. YouTube TV is one of the most preferred streaming services due to the premium content offered at an affordable price.

YouTube TV Vs PlayStation Vue

Both the platforms have equal features and the choice is mainly based on user preference. YouTube TV stands out with the fact that there is unlimited DVR storage available to the subscribers. PlayStation Vue may seem to be pricier than its competitor. Yet, it is worth every penny spent on the premium plan for the content offered.

PlayStation Vue lacks an annual contract which may lead most of the potential customers to sway towards the competitor. The price of channel offering is higher on YouTube TV when compared to the PlayStation Vue. While taking into account the unlimited content, YouTube TV seems to be a better bet.

DATE: Aug 31, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston
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