Watch YouTube TV on Fire Stick

Getting YouTube TV on Fire Stick

Unfortunately, you do not have the facility to directly download the YouTube channel on to your Fire Stick streaming device. Google, currently, is not providing access to the channel for Fire TV. But you can certainly work around it to watch YouTube TV on Fire Stick.

YouTube TV on Fire Stick

YouTube TV on Fire Stick

Getting the browser

First, install the Firefox web browser. Take the Alexa remote and search for ‘Firefox’. You can incidentally speak your option and Alexa will do the needful. The search results will pop up every result with ‘firefox’ in it. But invariably, the first application is what you are looking for. Click on it to download.  You will be taken to the home page when you access it for the first time. The page will have the list of all the popular sites that people visit and you will see that YouTube is listed as well. Just click on the icon and gets launched. This looks extremely similar to what you get on your other streaming devices.

Login to YouTube

From here, you can login to your account. Go to the ‘Profile’ icon and click on it. Then the sign in page appears and you can click on ‘SIGN IN’ to enter your credentials. You can then instantly link your YouTube account so that you can watch all of the different channels that you have subscribed to.

Latest Amazon Fire Stick Review

The new Amazon Fire Stick comes with the Alexa Voice Control remote. When you receive the nice orange box, you will see a black case inside it, which holds all the components including the Fire Stick. There are a couple of instruction manuals that contain some really handy tips and troubleshooting instructions. The accessories are pretty simple. There is the USB cable for power to start your device and then there is also an HDMI extender cable if you have trouble fitting the Fire Stick into the HDMI port. Apart from the above, you will get the power adapter and the actual Fire Stick.

Remote and hardware

The highlight of the package is the Alexa voice remote. There are two AAA batteries included in the accessories meant for the remote. It is sleek, black and has a little microphone button the top. Hold it down to speak your option and Alexa will display it for you. The remote has a large black circle, which helps you navigate. Other than that you have the ‘Back’, ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’ bar buttons. Below them are the ‘Rewind’, ‘Play’, and ‘Fast Forward’ buttons.

The device itself

There are some premium components embedded into the Fire Stick. It has a micro USB on its side, only for powering up the device. So, you should be able to plug the USB cable that you received along with the power adapter into this slot. The stick can be directly inserted into the HDMI port of the TV.

Installation and setup

Connect both ends of the adapter and cable to the Fire Stick and the TV to power them on. Plug the HDMI side of the Fire TV into the port on your television. Turn the TV on, select the appropriate HDMI input and the Fire Stick starts checking the internet speed. Then choose your language and thereafter the Wi-Fi network. On the Fire TV, you can choose to save passwords to enable easy access to videos every time you access the input.

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DATE: Jul 2, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston
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