YouTube TV is Now Available on Roku and Apple TV

YouTube TV on Roku and Apple TV


In a positive twist of fate, for those who love the Oscars and Winter Olympics, you can now watch YouTube TV on Roku and Apple TV at your convenience. Access a range of fantastic entertainment with these popular streamers that are favorites of millions across the globe. Both Apple TV and Roku are highly recommended devices that possess innumerable capabilities. The introduction of YouTube TV in both the devices only reinforces the users’ faith in cordless streaming. These are considered as powerful alternatives to traditional cable television.

YouTube TV on Roku and Apple TV

YouTube TV on Roku and Apple TV

All about YouTube TV

As promised, the first quarter of 2018 is seeing YouTube’s live service entering the streaming devices. With a focus on broadcasting these on its own, YouTube TV does not intend adding on other networks soon. It would rather provide access to major TV channels such as Disney, CW, FX and much more and reach out to a personalized audience.

The brand new YouTube TV works amazingly well on Roku smart TVs. But you can use it on other models too. All current generation Roku and Apple TV devices support YouTube TV.

Live Tab

The moment you open up the channel, you have a live TV guide that lists all the shows that are currently available. To access this, just click on the ‘LIVE’ option on top of the screen.

Home Tab

  • Go to the ‘Home’ tab on the channel where you can immediately find some ‘Top Picks For You’ and also ‘Resume Watching’ if you have left off a show.
  • Here, basically, YouTube TV tries to predict what you are going to like and that is why displays the ‘Top Picks For You’ depending on your taste.
  • You also have a list of movies and shows listed under this tab.
  • There are some amazing family shows and news channels especially lined up for your viewing pleasure.
  • Other shows available are Sports, YouTube Red Originals, Food Shows on YouTube, and Trending on YouTube.

Library Tab

  • Go to the ‘Library’ tab on the top to see all the recordings that you have performed
  • Just select any of the icons from the list to view them.

The Interface

  • Go back to the Home and try navigating the channels and you will see that they are smooth and simple to browse.
  • To watch a show, just click on it and it launches really quickly.
  • If you were to choose another show, you will still see the previous show you selected playing the background.

Features of Apple TV 4K at a glance

  • This is the 5th generation Apple TV
  • Comes with both wired (Ethernet) and wireless capabilities
  • It has an upgraded gigabit Ethernet port that can accommodate extra bandwidth
  • Provides HDMI 2.0 support
  • New internal processor A10X Fusion, which is a huge upgrade from the previous generation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 spec
  • FLAC supported; it has a special processor that decodes the FLAC Codec

The latest Roku Streaming Stick+

  • Great wireless performance
  • Voice remote that can control the entire device including the TV power and volume
  • Headphone jack in the remote for private listening
  • Lost Remote Finder
  • Powerful Quad-Core Processor
  • Brilliant HDR and 4K picture display
  • Unbiased search results
  • A mobile app that supports casting

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DATE: Apr 24, 2018
AUTHOR: Danniel
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