How do I Record YouTube TV on Roku to Watch My Favorite Shows?

How to Record YouTube TV on Roku?

Never miss an event, show or an episode. Just Record YouTube TV on Roku.

Before getting into the specifics of recording YouTube TV on Roku, let us understand , what exactly is YouTube TV Roku.

What is YouTube TV Roku?

It is a streaming service, coming from the company who have the best experience in handling youtube live tv. Google handles more than billion hours of video every day and you cannot find a better company for streaming television. With roku , there is no need for  cable or satellite connections.

To emphasize, one needs to activate the YouTube channel in Roku , like any other channel. A membership of $40 per month entitles you with 6 login accounts and you can share with your family members or your room mates. The major highlight is you can youtube tv dvr all your favorite shows , events etc without worrying about storage space limits.

How do I know that YouTube TV is available in  my region ?

YouTube TV is available in most areas around the United States. You can refer here

How do I DVR in YouTube TV Roku?

It is not very complicated. Read on.

Adding or deleting a program to your library:

Adding an event or show or even a program to your library means that all current or upcoming episodes will be recorded.

  • To add a program to your library, look for an add icon ‘+’  next to a particular program.
  • You need to just click and the event or show to your library and every time the event is on air, it gets directly to your recordings. It is that easy.

Similarly deleting a program is a simple affair. Just look for the small stop icon next to the title on the program page and select it.

However all the recordings that were previously recorded will continue to remain.

Issues with storage space

You can add as many programs to the personal library , without bothering about the storage space. YouTube TV Roku offers unlimited storage space for youtube tv dvr – digital video recording. All you need to select the ‘+’ icon in the program  page and the storage happens in the cloud. However, it appears in the library, and you can watch them at your own convenience. Only requirement you need is the internet to store the videos.

Please note , while there is no limit to Record YouTube TV on Roku, but the duration for youtube live tv recordings is 9 months. Keep in mind that in order to do this,  you must continue to be a member for that period. However, other programs would depend on the agreements that google has with their content partners.

What if my event gets prolonged,  will it affect my recording ?

Moreover, if your event or your favorite game is for a long period time, beyond the program time,  YouTube TV Roku would be able to detect the possible end time of the event. Also, recording the YouTube TV on Roku would get suitably extended.

Furthermore, you are never going to miss out on the penalty shoot outs in an extended football game or a fifth set of a tennis match of a grand slam event.  Isn’t that wonderful?

DATE: Feb 15, 2019
AUTHOR: Jessica
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