Comparing DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV Features on Roku

DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV Comparison

Roku streaming player provides access to great entertainment through popular channels like Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Sling and Amazon channels. These channels are paid but still, they provide the incredible stream, and also offer best streaming experiences. DirecTV Now Vs YouTube TV are two handpicked versatile channels among the other Roku paid channels.  The channels are popular for their original series, incredible movie collections, and much more fun. You can start adding the channel DirecTV Now and YouTube TV to your Roku streaming player to enjoy the channels best streams. Continue reading to know more about these channels and the best offers they provide.

DirecTV Now channel

DirecTV Now is one of the popular channels and it is now available on the Roku streaming device with Live TV and DVR facilities. With the DirecTV Now channel activation on Roku device, start enjoying the live events, sports, and an enormous collection of movies. Add the channel to the streaming device for best streaming experience. The channel provides more than 120 Live TV channels and 25000 on-demand movies. For any assistance on how to activate the DirecTV Now channel on Roku device, you can contact us.

DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV

DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV

Instant access feature

Procure instant access to the live TV programs, by installing the DirecTV Now from the channel store and enjoy streaming live shows from the channels like

  1. ABC
  2. AMC
  3. A&E
  4. NBC
  5. HGTV
  6. History
  7. Discovery channel
  8. Comedy Central
  9. Food Network

YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the affordable subscription-based live streaming services that is now availed on Roku streaming devices. You can screen real-time streaming through YouTube TV channel on the Roku streaming device. The channel monthly subscription fee is about $35. By paying the fees you can procure this YouTube Channel streaming service on your Roku device.

Live Streaming

YouTube TV offers its subscribers with access to live streaming from major broadcast and networks. Additionally, the users can extract the best of offline streaming by recording unlimited preferred videos. Or you can also view Live streams by selecting “Live” tab option that gives you a list of shows or streams that are currently available in real-time. Subscribers are fed with personalized recommendations that are based on their earlier viewing history. This streaming service is currently accessible to very few US regions only.

You can now stream content from the major broadcasting networks such as ABC, CBS, ESPN, AMC, and NBC along with local live sport and News channels. The Roku streaming devices that are compatible with the YouTube TV are Roku TVs, Roku Ultra, Roku 4, Roku Express/Express Plus, Roku 3, Roku Streaming Stick Plus, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 2, Roku Premiere Plus and Roku Premiere. The channel is available 80 metros in and around the US.

You can watch the YouTube streams on the go, from anywhere with your devices like Smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can create up to six YouTube TV accounts per each household. Every user of the family can get their individual login, recommendations, and cloud DVR access. The channel does require any contracts as such and can cancel its subscription whenever required. YouTube channel also avails free trial offer to its new subscribers.

Furthermore, to know more about the channels, its subscription details and activation procedures, call us @ +1-866-734-9720.

DATE: Aug 25, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston
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