Here are the Simple Steps to Cancel Youtube TV Subscription

Cancel Youtube TV Subscription

Youtube TV is the best channel preferred by the Roku users. The channel is developed by Google and most of the users prefer watching the channel. There are a lot of popular programs and on-demand videos telecasted on this channel. The best part is that the channel offers subscriptions such as YouTube Red or YouTube  premium to access your favorite videos without the popup or adds. You must follow certain steps to activate the channel and to deactivate it. Choose any of the method available to cancel YouTube  TV subscription if you do not require.

cancel YouTube TV subscription

cancel YouTube TV subscription

Things to Know Before you Cancel the YouTube TV Subscription

Once you cancel subscription, you cannot access any of the contents after the end date of the existing subscription period. The recorded programs will expire automatically. Your subscription and payment information will also be recorded for future reference.

To Cancel the YouTube TV Subscription

It is easy to cancel YouTube TV subscription and here is how you can do it.

If you use the YouTube TV App

  • Download the compatible YouTube TV app for your mobile device from app store
  • Open the app
  • Go to the settings and search for the Membership icon. Search for the option, cancel membership and tap on it
  • Going further, wait for some time and check if the membership is canceled
  • If you want to cancel the add on network, then unselect the check mark located next to  the network option

Cancel the Membership using your Web Browser

  • From your mobile device, go to the page
  • Now tap on the cancel membership under YouTube membership option
  • The subscription will be canceled now and you will not be able to access YouTube TV channel and the programs telecasted on this channel

To Remove the Channel on your Roku Streaming Device

To remove the channel on your Roku streaming device, power on the device and tap on the Star button on your remote. Once the option menu is visible, select the channel and click on the Remove channel tab.

For iPad and  iPhone Users

If you cancel the YouTube TV subscription without completing the existing subscription period, you can access the contents for free till you complete the duration.

What if you Come Across Errors While Canceling the Subscription

  • In the event that you find any issues or errors during cancellation, check and make sure that you have chosen the right settings. Try restarting your mobile device or the streaming device and then try again
  • Check the network connection speed. Verify the internet settings

Users who want to know more about the steps to cancel YouTube TV subscription, ring the toll-free lines +1-866-734-9720 to speak to our agents.

DATE: Aug 20, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston
Cancel YouTube TV

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