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YouTube TV for 2018 has undergone some major changes for the Roku. It comes with a new user interface and also some new channels ( When YouTube first started, they were primarily pushing the app on a cell phone. Basically, both iOS and Android devices offered YouTube services at the time. But it changed when the company realized that users wanted more than just watching videos on their mobile phones. Television was certainly a new platform for YouTube, which was already popular on the laptop and PCs. It did take them some time to design the interface but they got around it. YouTube TV is good for all Roku models and Roku TVs.

The interface

On the Roku they have three sections, the library where all your favorite shows live and even predictive content is displayed. And then there is the ‘Live’ section where you can see all that is playing your local area. There is also a section that has ‘Featured’ items like sports. YouTube TV provides high-quality streams on the Roku and looks really great in HD and some shows are relayed at 60 fps. Their Live stream looks very similar to what they look like on the mobile platform with the spreadsheet style grid system. It is rather easy to find shows that you are searching for. You can see the different channels with the show that is playing at that particular time on the lineup. The interface is rather sleek and is extremely intuitive. Right now, it is also considered as one of the best interfaces any channel has ever come up with.

Sign in and activate

To sign in to the channel, you have to go to, where you get a code. You have to use a computer, mobile or tablet to open a browser and get into your Google account to enter the code and activate the channel. Once you do that your watch history is automatically populated. Overall, they are fantastic at delivering content.

Local channels

The channel has a lot of strengths and one of them is the local channels. When it comes to this, they are probably second only to Hulu as far as the sheer number of local stations that are available. The channel’s pricing structure is pretty simple and there is only one plan with absolutely no tiers.  Users have to look at only one version of YouTube TV. Which means you don’t have to worry about which plan is right for you. The service is pretty good too.

Video quality

YouTube knows how to stream video and therefore, you will see that the quality of their videos is extremely good. They have the infrastructure for storing and broadcasting videos since they have been doing it for years now. It is based on the Google Engine so the search is extremely good and maybe even lacking feature in some of the other streaming services.

DVR services

One of the biggest strengths of YouTube is their DVR services. It provides unlimited DVR that comes along with your paid subscription. Costing around $40 per month, you get a whole bunch of channels that are extremely popular.

DATE: Jul 2, 2018
AUTHOR: Crystal Waston roku,, YouTube TV, Youtube TV on Roku, youtube/activate

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